Tell me about Dan Kantar & Associates

Dan Kantar & Associates has served families in the Minneapolis, St Paul and surrounding area for over 25 years. We offer the sale, distribution and installation of cemetery memorials, all types and cremation burial products & monuments. Services include custom design, final date lettering at the cemetery, monument repair and cleaning.

We understand that selecting the right memorial for a loved one or yourself can be a difficult decision. Dan Kantar & Associates has chosen manufacturers with the assurance of quality, craftsmanship, the finest design, & best possible value. Each personalized memorial is carefully hand crafted to reflect the uniqueness of the individual or family it memorializes.

We cut, polish, shape, and engrave your monument with centuries of experience and guarantee that your monument will stand the test of time commemorating your loved one for eternity.

The Golden Rule:

Treat others how you would want to be treated.